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A web portal has developed by Integrated Child Development Services Government of Madhya Pradesh which is hosted on http://www.mpwcdmis.gov.in domain. The application has been developed in-house by the developers at ICDS MP.


The Portal has been designed and developed by Integrated Child Development Services Government of Madhya Pradesh for online collection of data and generation of monthly progress reports at different leveles, ie.

1. Aganwadi level

2. Sector Level

3. Project Level

4. District Level

5. State Level

Single point of data entry will be the aganwadi level.The monthly progress report of the aganwadi’s, entered each month at the block level are to be compiled to get the monthly progress reports at the sector, project , district and state level. The purpose of the portal  is online realtime aggregation of data at the central location so that the data thus aggregated can be compiled and reports can be generated based on the different parameters entered in different data collection performas. Reports are to be generated in tabular formats

   Project Scope

Project Scope Includes

1. Online data entry of the various data collection formats at different levels

2. Online compilation of the data to generate the monthly progress report at sector, project, district, division and state level

3. Online generation of various reports based on the data entered into the system at different levels

4. Online generation of reports based on the indicators on the data entry formats at different administrative levels

5. Online compilation of data for the purpose of generation of analytical reports

6. Online generation of reports to be submitted to GoI

7. Online generation of graphical reports for analysis

7. Online monitoring of the progress of the projects at different administrative levels